I deleted my previous entry from earlier today. it was really lousy. I’m not sure that this one will be better, though. whatever, I’ll give it a chance.

well, no, this doesn’t work. no creativity!

wait a second. in frustration, I just looked out my bedroom window. the sunset is beautiful.. and it made me smile.

I came over the soundtrack from the movie «Hurricane». it’s such a great film! it’s one of those movies that actually give you something, when you’ve seen it you’re a little bit smarter. as it’s based on a true story, it’s trustworthy as well, at least to some extent. and the music is good, as well. all in all, it’s worth watching. preferably many times.

spotify is great, I’m starting to get to know it, and I think we’ll become great friends. so much music, so little time.. go multitasking – homework and music browsing goes great together!

and life is good, really. autumn’s coming along, but that’s okay. there’s something about this season.. can’t put my finger on it, but it’s something special, when the colours everywhere are changing, and people tend to be indoors drinking hot drinks. and I feel like baking all the time – buns, cupcakes, cakes.. almost anything that requires an apron and flour.

well, now I’ll get back to my homework. which is actually kind of fun.

..he could have been the champion of the world!

2 kommentarer om “hurricane.

  1. Bake bake kake….
    Bake^^ Det var vel ikke helt likt deg, men jeg er gledelig overrasket;) Tidligere har du jo påstått at det eneste du kan lage er eplekake, men det vet vi jo ikke er riktig 🙂 Bare si ifra hvis du trenger oppskrifter, evt. bakepartner:
    (jeg husker ikke helt teksten, men:)
    Just call my name and I’ll be there, yes I will..
    You’ve got a friend, dum duru du dumdum, you’ve got a friend…»

    • Re: Bake bake kake….
      åå! jeg liker deg 🙂 bakebakebake. jeg skal bake to ganger denne uken! 😀 det er fantastisk! ❤

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