le lac.

the fog just moved away from my bedroom window, which made me happy.
and I’m doing my homework in an effective way, actually. I mean, apart from this break. but it’s okay, ’cause I awarded myself with some time off after having been très active for a while now.

I like my homework today. and the fact that I’ve got a day off tomorrow. I think I’ll spend the day getting a bit ahead, try something new. like, I’m not usually bad at doing my homework, but the workload is always so big that it’s impossible to do anything ahead of schedule.

still having an affair with spotify, though I’ve been a good girl today and turned off the computer while reading school stuff. (or at least I’ve put the computer in sleep mode. that counts.) keep listening to this song on repeat. it gives me a good feeling. 🙂

and mama’s bought blueberries 😀 I love it when my entire mouth turns blue.. and when the blueberry crunches between my teeth. and they’re funny, rolling about, all confused. I really, really like blueberries. should probably learn how to make one of those blueberry pies.. that would be great. well, I’ve planned two baking sessions this week, so I guess the opportunity’s there for me to take. go blueberry!

my break’s over now. good girl.

j’arrive au bord du lac..

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