Wyclectic: We don’t want no war no more.

First part. First, a beautiful piece with Lang-Lang, Gunpowder. And then an incredible and unique skit.. Listen to the content of both. It made me speechless.

The the beautiful song Diallo.. «We don’t want no war no more». . He’s truly a genius, that man. And when he follows up with the banger The Sweetest Girl.. No one can do it like he does! Made me sing and dance – and all the spectators as well..nothing less than amazing!

Wyclef Jean totally rocked the Nobel Peace Prize concert here in Oslo about a month ago. I’ve never seen anything like it – he made every single person in the concert hall, including the royal family, stand up and dance his kind of hiphop-dance. Haha, and of course «the President Obama two-step»..

Even my Mama, who’s nearly sixty, loved the performance – he reached out to everybody. The energy, the skill – both in musicality and lyrics.. His words mean something, he’s got something to say that is important and applies to everyone. That’s something you don’t see (or hear) everyday in today’s commercialized musical world.

Double-click the images, and watch the clips – I hope they will make you smile.

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